Alexis Negranti


3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello! I have found that your blog has left me giggling! It has made me unbelievably happy and I thank you. I will be following you from now on (in a polite reader sort of way and not like a stalker, I promise.) Your writing voice is lovely and full of a facetiousness that is enthralling. Excellent job!

    My grandfather was a dairy farmer, and he told me some interesting stories about his cows, but I doubt he ever milked a sheep.

    I too have a love for animals and can fully relate to your activities. (If I had my way I would be raising llamas myself, but I need to support my husband in the manner to which he has become accustomed through being an English teacher.)

  2. Just out of curiosity…because I really can’t resist and that is the way I work…what did you end up naming the two puppies? (You may very well have stated it in the blog and I missed it, if so I apologize.)

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