The April Post

Yep, it’s April…here’s what has been going on!

We moved into our new, larger, better, beautiful, spacious, new-equipment filled creamery!! Did I mention it’s spacious? And beautiful? We have our walk in freezer, a new 6 gallon ice cream maker (compared to the 1.5 gal I had before), and a new 100 gallon pasteurizer (used a 30 gal before)…I guess you could say we are growing up a bit. In a good way! I will do another post for a complete tour.

Our new walk in freezer. Set a cool -20 degrees. Pun intended.


This is before the pasteurizer was completely installed. Dang! Check out that beautiful stainless steel…


Isn’t it funny how things change? Three years ago if you would have told me that I would consider a stainless steel piece of equipment ‘beautiful’, I would have called you crazy. And would have said something along the lines of, “Um, equipment? A pasteurizer? What does that do?”.  Yep. Things change.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This past weekend we attended the Earth Day Food and Wine Fest. Remember last year we had the ‘run of the sheep’? Oh, you don’t? When our sheep escaped and ran through the middle of the entire festival? With Wade chasing after it with a lasso?

Ya…. well needless to say, we didn’t bring sheep this year. But we did give the folks something just as memorable: CHAMPAGNE FLOATS! We paired our Raw Honey Ice Cream with Domaine LeMieux Apple Champagne. It was a hit.


I highly recommend you serve champagne floats at your next dinner party. DO IT.

On a non-creamery-related note, and for my shameless pet photo, here is Lucy and I at the ranch last week. I think she is smiling more than I am!


Can’t wait to share some more big news with you next month…. and I WILL post a tour of the facility soon!

Stainless steel admirer,