The February Blog

My name is Alexis Negranti and I have been an absent blogger. Confession complete.

So you may think that because I’ve been an absent blogger that it’s our slow time around here…well I hate to tell ya, but you’d be wrong! I’ve been traveling every week for meetings. I’ve probably seen more of California in the last month than I’ve seen in the last year. True story. To fill you in a little bit, the end of April marks the anniversary of our ice cream being on the shelves for one year. I know, I can’t believe it either! Anyway, we are doing a little {BIG} re-launch this April (and getting our ice cream into a store near YOU!). But more on that later.

I’ve also been writing cover letters (thank goodness for my communications classes in college!), sending out samples, and filling out promo-schedules. Oh, you don’t know what promo-schedules are? Well I didn’t either. That was until at the end of an important meeting last week I was asked if I could send them my ‘promo-schedules’ for this upcoming summer by the end of the week. “Of course, not a problem” was my response, in my most nonchalant, I do these all the time tone. Like what?! What was I thinking? I didn’t have the slightest clue what that was. Fake it till ya make it…I guess?! And I did make it. Sent them those promo schedules this afternoon. I’ve never been more happy creating and filling out a ginormous, overwhelming spreadsheet in my life.

Aside from boring office stuff….

We also are creating another label and will be making cheese. This is because I needed one more thing to do. Oh, and because the cheese is amazing.

This past weekend, Wade and I had a fun date night in and sampled the new cheese(s). And had wine. It was fabulous.


Have *ewe* (sheep humor never gets old) heard about our new CHOCOLATE ice cream? Yep. The rumors are true! Chocolatey, creamy goodness and still less than 7% fat. And just in time for Valentines day. It’s really good, you should probably try it.


Ohhhhh yes.

And our number one seller, Salted Brown Sugar. When we say handcrafted, small batch…we meant it!


No blog of mine is complete without at least one shameless photo of at least one of my animals….

Vivian. My, thinks-shes-a-ranch-dog, plays outside Shih Tzu, who proceeds to take residence on the top of the couch. It’s no wonder my house only stays clean for 2.3485 seconds at a time.


Seems like I’m on a once a month posting schedule (sorry, I’ve got schedules on the brain!). Hopefully I will get to more posts…if not, consider this the February blog!

Busy Blogger,