Hello 2013

Whoa, whoa, whoa…has it really been a MONTH since my last blog? Um…my bad.

Well first of all…HAPPY 2013! I have a feeling this is going to be (another) exciting year! We have big things coming and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. But for now…

It’s been raining, like, a lot. Here on the Central Coast of CA we’re not used to that much rain, so it’s muddy here. It’s also cold. Like…below freezing. Now, you east coasters may be laughing, but when it hits the 20’s, we think the world is freezing over. Let’s just say our little wood-burning oven has been in overdrive. Thank goodness for my Bean Boots. They are a dairy girls best friend this time of year.


We’ve had some escapees. What? Yep. Our yearling ewes (the ewes born last year here on the farm), are devious!! They charm you with their friendly demeanor and good looks, and next thing you know they are walking down the road and eating EVERYTHING in the front yard. Ya, it’s happened.


{Please note the angelic sheep on the correct side of the fence}

Here are some photos I have snapped of our ewes recently. Aren’t they purdy?



And today while heading out of the creamery after making ice cream all morning I noticed that this little lady had been watching me through the window.


Cutest ever. Ever. EVER!

Oh, and I ate this delicious salad for lunch yesterday. Because I know you really care.

salad{arugula, black beans, Gorgonzola, tangerines, red onions and balsamic}

Cheers to 2013!