365 Days Ago

365 days ago I had never made a single scoop of sheep milk ice cream IN MY LIFE.

365 days ago our flock was half the size it is today.

365 days ago we had half the dogs we do today (OK, not super relevant but TRUE!).

365 days ago our lives changed forever.

365 days ago my dream became a reality.

365 days ago the state dairy inspector signed a little piece of paper that made all the difference.

365 days ago Negranti Dairy & Artisan Creamery was legally licensed the 7th sheep dairy in California. And so it began.

I cannot believe we have been a legal operating dairy for only one year; some days it seems like forever ago, and the other days I feel like it was just last month we started this farm on a whim. We are already expanding across the state, shipping over to the East Coast, and reading our names in the New York Times. Like really? Pinch me.

And although we are growing fast, I’m proud to say we still are (and will always be) a small family farm. We continue to stand by our motto ‘teat to table‘. Yup we do everything from the  feeding, milking, and mucking out the barn to the ice cream making & shipping, graphics, and books. Wade has the additional task of keeping me sane during the crazy times.  Anyway,  I love our family farm. It’s crazy, it’s hard work, and sometimes (um…often times) I wonder what I got us into…but this whole dairy thing is more rewarding than I could ever imagine. And only look forward to what the future holds.

Where will we be 365 days from today? Where will our ice cream be? How many flavors will we produce? How many sheep will we have? On that note, how many lambs will we have?

On second thought, I don’t want to know….

Cheers to a great 365 days,



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