Ice Cream Truck

Because we needed another project…..

And because it was too stinkin’ cute to resist…..


Yes. You read right. An ice cream truck. An early 70’s, vintage ice cream truck.

When choosing this vehicle, here were our requirements:

WADE: How is the motor? How many miles does it have on it? Registration up to date? Oil leaks? Good tires? Etc., etc., etc….

ME: Is it cute? Yep, that was it. My only requirement.

And it was cute. So we bought it.

We are fixing it up like an old fashioned ice cream truck (with a side window and awning!) for weddings and events (we already have one on the books for next year). We may or may not have discussed music and speakers (I said forget traditional ice cream truck music, we should record our sheep and have our truck play BAAA BAAA BAAA everywhere we go…we’ll see how that goes over….). I will post photos as the renovations begin!

Soon to be an ice cream truck driver,



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