Crazy. Hectic. Wonderful.

Whoa! What happened? Life has gotten crazy. And just when I think it can’t get crazier…it does!

So here’s what’s been going on:

1. The biggest news ever…(drum-roll please) we were in the New York Times Magazine! What?! Yep! Check out the link here below and go to page 92. I can’t even believe it.

CLICK HERE for the virtual magazine.

2. We start shipping our ice cream in ONE WEEK. I have a UPS label printer on the desk in my little home office. I never thought I would see the day.

3. I am trying to spend a little more time with friends and family. And I’ve been riding more; it’s extremely therapeutic. Why you ask? Because rather than allow my mind to think about shipping ice cream, new flavors, and feeding sheep, I have to focus on not getting bucked off. Pretty simple.

4. Um, did I mention we were in the NEW YORK TIMES? OK, just making sure.

5. We got another dog. That makes six dogs (yes, six). Don’t even ask.

6. We are doing a big event for Sunset Magazine this weekend. SAVOR the Central Coast. Wine, beer, artisan goodies…what’s not to love?

7.  We are also launching an ice cream club. It’s like a wine club but with ice cream….yum.

8.  My house is a disaster. Please send help.

9. Although hectic, stressful, and non-stop, life is wonderful.
Thank you for your support & love,



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