Life, recently.

This week has gone by too fast. Here is what has been going on:

Wade went on a boys 4×4 Jeep trip up in Northern California. All the 4×4 vehicles came back broken, so I am pretty sure they had a great time.

This is Wade with his baby. And I’m not talking about the dog.

While Wade was on his venture North I had a girls night. We called it “girls night on the farm”. Good food, good wine, great company. We had a blast.

Don’t mind that everyone in the photo had alien eyes. It happens.

Oh, and I gave our last kitten away as a party favor. I’m not sure that friend will ever come back over……

I took this photo of our barn one morning a few days ago. I love it.

And Lucy has been helping me feed every morning.

She’s pretty cute.

In other news…lots of big stuff happening on the dairy! I can’t wait to share them with you all. As for now, my weekend plans include ice cream making, basil washing, berry slicing, mint chopping and more ice cream making.

Happy Friday!



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