Our weekend.

Wade and I had a romantic weekend. Let me tell you all about it.

It started at 4:30 PM Friday afternoon when the temperature had cooled down enough to stand physical labor outdoors; we built fence. Lots of fence.

And we put up some electric fencing too.

Wade was thrilled that I had stopped to take photos of him working. Wade: really? Me: yes honey! you look sexy with those sweaty, fence building muscles. Wade: silence. I love my husband.

The sun set, we fed, watered, and went to bed. Then we woke up to go to market Saturday morning.

{ thanks to my sister for making this purdy sign }

After market we went to our friends (who own the only other sheep dairy in our county) to pick up our new ram. He’s a beauty.

He makes this gurgling/burping noise that sounds like a cross between a sea monster and a catfish. It’s really quite lovely.

On Sunday morning we continued building fence. Lucy was a great supervisor.

Our friend Niccolo (yes, he is miraculously still our friend even after Wade took him on a two day venture to Idaho…) came over and helped finish up the fencing.

After all the fence was built, we moved all thirty of our new ewes into the pasture. When I say we I mean Wade and Lucy…I was busy taking photos.

They were happy sheep.

On the other hand, my boots weren’t so happy. They were made for walking…not fencing wire!

And Bonnie and Clyde were waiting for us at the barn when we got back.

Clyde was in there somewhere….

And that was our romantic weekend. A fence building, ice cream selling, ram buying, sheep moving romantic weekend. And I wouldn’t change a thing. The end.

Loving life,



3 thoughts on “Our weekend.

    • My ice cream is essentially gelato…same air content with a lighter mouthfeel. I actually even use a gelato machine! Niccolo’s gelato is amazing, we love talking “shop” with each-other!

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