Salty Brown

Salty Brown. What a fun name! If you miss out, it would be such a shame! (I feel like I could break out into song here… but I will spare you…for now.).

I have been wanting to make a salty/sweet ice cream for awhile now, but just have not found the right combination. Until last week. The creamy richness of the brown sugar, paired with the, well, saltiness of the salt is just sensational (or saltsational!). I crack myself up.

Just look at that beautiful swirl. Shameless plug BEGIN: What is great about our ice cream is that the flavors our rich and full, with a light creamy mouth-feel, but the finish is still very clean. You don’t get the fatty feel on the roof of your mouth because all our ice cream is less than 7% fat. Oh, you didn’t know that? Well you heard right, less than 7% fat. Shameless plug END.

Look how light and fluffy it is! With it’s soft caramel color and it’s saltsational (couldn’t help myself) flavor, it is perfect. Perhaps I should write an ode to our ice cream…

We are serving this up at Farmer’s tonight and Saturday, and it’s already on a couple menus and going fast. Oh, and I should mention that our online sales are just around the corner.




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