A Spider. And a Painting.

A spider. And a painting. Yep. That about sums up my life recently.

What do I mean? Oh. Let me tell you.

Ok, we live in an old farmhouse with cracks, holes, dust, and slanted floors (no, I’m not kidding). Anyway, cleaning my house could be (key word: COULD — if I wanted to spend that much time cleaning my house) a full time job. The other day I was on a cleaning spree. You know, the kind of spree when you have let things go too far? When you are actually embarrassed about the condition of your home? When you want to crawl under the–well I would say bed but it’s probably dirty under there too…–under into the sheets and cover your eyes because you fear how long it will take you to clean your house? Um..what is that? You have never experienced this? Please tell me you have. At least once?? Please! It will make me feel a lot better about my housekeeping regimen…..

Anywhoo, near the end of the spree, when I got around to doing the dishes (we don’t have a working dishwasher…) I picked up a plate and found THIS underneath it.

Oh yes. You can imagine my horror.

Perhaps that photo does not show how large this beast actually was…

Ah, yes. That’s better. This thing was huge.

After the shock of this creature being in my sink wore off, I was just plain horrified. And not because of fear. I was horrified that my recent housekeeping was so poor that this THING had managed to be living in my house. Was I really that bad of a house keeper? I feel like I’m pretty on top of it….but then again, I guess hoarders don’t think they have a problem either…

But then I looked up from the sink and saw this.

You see that? THAT is the outside light shining right on through my window sill. Well no wonder the spider was in the house! It wasn’t my housekeeping skills at all! It just crawled right on in. Oh yes. I feel better now. My housekeeping skills have been redeemed!

I felt better about myself for a minute. Then I went back to being horrified. Not horrified about my cleaning skills (remember, they had been redeemed), I was horrified there was a hole in my house large enough for this THING to come on in. And help itself to my sink.

Farm life–I love it. I feel close to nature. I wouldn’t trade our cracks, holes, dust, and slanted floors for just about anything. But this experience, well, it was just a little TOO close to nature.

And don’t mind the mint in the foreground. It’s a long story how I got that mint and it starts with the fact that there was this really pretty mint plant in front of this restaurant in town…

In other news, an extremely talented local artist Anne Laddon came out and painted our sheep! And now I have the piece hanging on our wall.

I love it. And I’ll be damned if any monster spiders ever get on this beauty.

The Cleaning Lady,





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