F.O.T.M. {Fresh Mint}

So now that it is officially past the middle of the month, I figured it was time to share the August F.O.T.M. (flavor of the month).

{FYI: this photo does not do this flavor justice. It is a beautiful light, light green with tiny flecks of REAL fresh mint. And it’s REAL good.}

This month the F.O.T.M. Fresh Mint. I knew the month of August would equal mint ice cream because Wade’s birthday is in August and his favorite ice cream is mint. It just makes sense.

Anyway, I am calling it fresh mint, because that’s what I use. But it really should be called neighbors mint. Why? Oh, because when I first made the ice cream I forgot to get mint at the farmers market so I walked on over the the neighbors property, helped myself to the mint, and walked on home. I was trying to be stealth (figuring I would just give them some of the mint ice cream and all would be forgiven) but my menagerie of dogs (4 of them–Vivian the Shih Tzu, Bonnie and Clyde the Pyrenees, and Lucy the border collie) all followed me over there. Then my neighbors menagerie of dogs (all 5 of them) started barking at my menagerie of dogs and suddenly there was an even larger menagerie of 9 dogs all barking and playing. So much for my quick and quiet getaway.

Back to the point…Fresh Mint tastes like just that. It’s a little bit sweet and a lotta bit refreshing. And apparently people are loving it… we went to the Farmer’s Market last night and Fresh Mint was the first to go!

Oh! And by the way we are going to do the Saturday morning market in San Luis Obispo starting…tomorrow! Hope to see you there.


Beating the heat with the refreshing F.O.T.M.,




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