Black and white woolies.

I took these pictures this past weekend of our new black and white woolies. They were wanting some blog love.

See the ram in the middle-right? The one all up in that ewe? (by the way, “all up in that ewe” is an extremely technical term). Anyway, see him? Yup. That’s our ram Brett {Please don’t ask how he got his name}.

When I took this photo I was focusing on the pretty black ewe in front; little did I know Brett was “sniffing out” (literally) his next mate (literally). Photo-bombing at its finest.

You know what 29 more ewes mean? It means 29 pregnant ewes (thanks to the photo-bomber Brett). Which means 29 more lambs will come. And all my sanity will leave.

Say what?!

Loving our new woolies.



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