On being a cat person.

I was never a cat person.

That being said, meet Tommy. Or Thomas. TomCat, or Tom. You can choose.


Side story about the above photo: Tommy has figured out how to sneak in the house without being seen. And when we come home we find him on our bed. And when I flip the light on to see him, the damn cat covers his eyes. The worst part about this story is that I am not even close to kidding. And it’s so stinkin’ funny to see him do it, I can’t even kick him off the bed.


This is how the big T came into our lives: We were at the house up the road from us. There were kittens. We were asked if we would like a cat. Cowboy and I just shook our heads and said in disgust, “oh no. we’re not ‘cat’ people.” And then we chatted a little more. And talked about the weather. And then chatted some more. And then this mini ball of orange fluff came scooting around the corner of the house. Mini + fluffy = heart melting.
I want that kitten.

Cowboy “what?!

But it’s mini.


But it’s fluffy!

“We’re not cat people.

But it’s mini AND fluffy!

And next thing you know Cowboy was capturing this feral, orange, fluffy, mini ball of fluffy. And we named him Tommy. Or Tom….  either way, he has grown on us tremendously.

And clearly, he is no longer feral.

Six months later I came home with a brown fluffy. She was mini. And fluffy. And I couldn’t say no.

{not the most flattering photo of her….}

She stayed small. Small like a kitten. So I named her KittenKitten. Clever, right?

Anyway, I was waiting for KittenKitten to get a little bigger so I could have her fixed and next thing you know KittenKitten has kittens of her own.

Now we have kittens (from KittenKitten). Confused yet?

I have to admit I never thought I would be a cat person. Ever. But here I am with two cats and five kittens. And I love them all. Because they are mini and fluffy. And because everyone needs some fluffy in their life.

Long story short: I was never a cat person. And please come get these kittens before I turn into the crazy, fluffy cat lady.



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