Newes = New Ewes!!!! I’m so clever.

As of Monday at 3:30 AM (yes, that’s AM) 29 more ewes arrived to our dairy.

Cowboy and our good friend Niccolo went to Idaho this weekend to pick up more ewes. NOTE: Niccolo makes gelato. We like to select our friends based on occupation. The frozen dessert occupation is preferred.

Anyway, Cowboy showed up at Niccolo’s home Saturday morning and informed him he was going to Idaho. What? Yep. Cowboy convinced him it was a good idea and after some resistance, off they went. They didn’t get on the road until 11 AM. Please note: initial departure time was 7 AM…oh well.

And then they drove.

And drove.

And drove some more.

But the view was nice! Here are some photos they sent me from the road…

I am not super clear as to when the two road travelers arrived in ID. But what I do know is that at 3:30 AM Monday morning, they arrived back at the dairy. With 29 ewes in tow.

I was excited to get more black ewes. For their great milk production?! Nope. I was excited for no other reason than black ewes make spotted black lambs. And spotted lambs are the cutest.

Our newes are settling in well. And Cowboy has decided he never wants to drive again. As for our good friend Niccolo… after Cowboy convinced him to ride 30+ hours in the car over a two day period…I’m not sure he wants to be our friend anymore.

Happy to have everyone home.




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