My day so far.

Cowboy and I milked.

Cowboy left for Idaho. Why? Oh, just to get thirty (that’s 3-0) more ewes. I say (write) this casually when…wait, how many more sheep?!?

I experimented with new ice cream flavors….

More on that later…

I picked my first tomatoes from my garden. The fruits of my labor. Or lack of labor. I’m pretty dang proud of those 4 little tomaters. I see a yummy salad in my future….

Our kittens turned one month old today. Oh! Yes! We have kittens. It’s actually a long story and it starts with the fact that I was never a cat person…..

Vivian got into the barn. Into the chicken coop…and ate an egg.

Please don’t ask questions.

And I found Tom/Tommy/Tom-Cat/Thomas The Cat asleep on our bed. Again, I was never a cat person.

And again, please don’t ask questions.

Happy Saturday afternoon.



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