A Vacation.

I did not milk sheep for four days straight. It’s true!

We went to Oregon.

Cowboy’s best friend Josh (who he worked with on a ranch in Eastern Oregon) was getting married. At first I wasn’t going to attend; who would watch the farm? Milk the sheep? Cuddle my puppies? Tend to the whopping 6 plants that are in my garden? (which, by the way I am extremely proud of).

Then came my intern Aimee. She was up for to the task (and she did a great job). After typing out three pages of notes on how to run the farm, cuddle my puppies and water my vast garden, I walked (actually we drove) away.

I still can’t believe I left my babies. But a quick trip was much appreciated. And it was nice to spend time with my husband; time that did not include dairy related chores and dairy related talk.

The wedding was beautiful. I of course forgot to take photos of the newlyweds….but someone did offer to take a photo of us. And any time there is a photo opportunity that includes both of us NOT in muck-boots, I’m in.

In Oregon it was really special for me to see Cowboy with his Oregon-ranching friends (most of which I had never met). They shared fond ranch memories and I could see the sparkle the reminiscing brought to his eye. We met some amazing new friends, ate lots of good food, visited the farmer’s markets, toured a dairy (I can’t help myself…I have some magnet inside of me that pulls me to them), went on a beautiful hike, and did A LOT of driving.

Of course we had to stop in for a cocktail (or two..) and pub-grub at The Black Sheep.

See those teeny-weeny white dots? Sheep! I can spy those little buggers anywhere.

But do you know what the best part was? Sleeping in. I slept in until 6:20AM. THAT was nice. I enjoyed a latte the last morning of our trip. Now you may not think that’s a treat, but boy o’ boy, it was. You see, on the farm I can’t walk down the street after waking up to go grab a latte (although I could walk down the dirt road and grab a bottle of wine at the winery…but some folks may look down on that so early in the morning…). Truth be told, by the time I am done with my chores and get to town, I would be having a latte for lunch. Unless someone wants to start delivering lattes to the dairy at 5AM…anyone? anyone?

It was perfect.

But I missed my babies. I missed my ewes, my lambs, my dogs and puppies. I missed my feeding routine, watering my garden and collecting the eggs. I even missed milking at 5:30AM (really lady? Whats wrong with you?!).

I am happy to be home. And when I got up this morning I milked, fed, mucked the barn and then made my to-do list for the next couple days. And after reviewing my to-do list I decided I might need another vacation.

Contemplating never leaving again,



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