One Year Ago Today.

One year ago today, my Cowboy and I got married.

And one year ago today we had a mere four (yes, you read correctly, 4) sheep.

Today we celebrate one year of marriage. One year of sheep milking, dairy building, and ice cream making. There’s been tears, some stress (OK, lots of stress), and some meltdowns (being honest here…), but mostly this year has been filled with love. Love of our animals, love of our business and love of each other.

My Cowboy is handsome, sweet, witty, and smart. And he built a dairy. And fence. And feeders. And he helps me muck out the barn. And that’s true love.

And we are sending our love to all of you who have loved and supported us in the last year.

Where will this adventure lead us one year from today….?

Lots O’ Love,



3 thoughts on “One Year Ago Today.

  1. I just read the last 3-4 updates, and this blog really does exceed my high expectations. I’m 100% serious! Nice job.

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