Chicks, Man.

We’ve got chicks, Man! (shout out to Joel McHale from The Soup on E!…love him!….anyone? anyone?).

Anyway, we received our Standard Bronze turkey chicks last week! (Why yes, we are trying to make ourselves crazy and fill up any free time we had).

These little things will be ready just in time for Thanksgiving. People often ask me, “don’t you feel bad about eating animals you have raised?” The answer is really simple. No. And here’s why….I know my animals have had a good life, been treated well, free to roam around the farm, and well fed. So in short, no. I don’t feel bad at all.

So these are the chicks, man (I can’t resist…).

Check out the look from the chick in the middle. He’s saying, “I didn’t sign no photo release, lady.”

Oh, and for the record, check out my garden. I was so ashamed I finally got my act together.


Pole Beans.


Note: Please disregard the sheep turds in the upper right corner. Not super photogenic but super good for the garden. Oh, and we have sheep turds coming out of our ears….if you would like to have a crappy garden too let me know.

Uhhhh, the new lettuce hasn’t come up yet. But it’s coming???

Perhaps this is why my garden doesn’t grow.

Really dogs???

Happy Wednesday.



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