Earth Day Food & Wine Festival

Let me begin.

Last weekend we had a big event, Earth Day Food & Wine Festival. We were to give out samples of our ice cream and bring a couple ewes for people to see, pet, and to show people that we really do have sheep not goats, and that there really is a difference between the two species. Then Wade was to give a milking demonstration. Ok. So that Saturday morning when we woke up it was already 75 degrees out. We milked, loaded up the milking stand, loaded the sheep in the trailer and packed up about 8 gallons of ice cream.

We arrived at the winery where the event was held at about 9:30 AM. The sheep un-loaded from the trailer and set up was a breeze. We were off to a great start! People started arriving at around noon-ish. We were the hit of the party..let me tell ya! With the temperature being in the high 90’s, ice cream was on top of everyone’s list. At about 3PM Wade gave his milking demo. It went well! He even got a couple ladies from the crowd to hand milk the ewe.

Then we had an escape. Um, not really so much an escape but rather Wade being “over-confident in his shepherding abilities” (his words exactly). He went to let the ewe off the milking stand and OFF SHE WENT! Wade thought the ewe would head toward the other ewe in the pen, but she took a left turn. Let me tell you, quite the show. Wade had his lasso in hand trying to capture her, now it was about 96 degrees out and people were staring. And this was not a 100 person event. There were over 1200 people there. Yup, we got lots o’ stares.

Finally we corralled her back in the pen.

{Please excuse my shiny, sweaty face. It was almost 100 outside…}

The rest of the event was amazing. And was a blur (don’t even remember how we got the ewe back in the pen). We gave out a heck of a lot of ice cream and received so many compliments. I can’t tell you how much the positive feedback means to us. I had one man tell me that we were “the best vendor here. seriously. this is an amazing product.” And I told him that meant more to me than he knows. It’s why we get up, milk in the dark and chase sheep around in 96 degree weather.

We got home at about 6:30 and milked and went to bed.

On Sunday we moved the sheep to another pasture and had another tasting in town. At one point I actually looked at Wade and asked, “what did we used to do on the weekend B.S.?” I was serious. I still can’t remember what we did BS. Before sheep that is.

Next year check the event out. (link below). If you don’t go for the great food or amazing wine, go for the “run of the sheep”. We might just make it an annual thing.



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