it’s all good

My babies are growing up…tear..our oldest is almost two months…sob… (I must be more like my mom than I thought….)

{thank you to my sister Jessica for this great photo}

Although the babies are getting older, I have to say that lambing season is my favorite time on the dairy. It’s also the craziest. I have a thing for chaos I guess. When we start to lamb it’s the epitome of Spring for me. Some people say the new year starts on January 1. For me the new year starts the day the first lamb is born. New life, new milking season, fresh ice cream. Above all it is the excitement of what the year will bring.

I have to say that this year, which began on February 24th when our first twin lambs arrived, is the best one yet. Our ice cream is taking off, our dairy is almost complete (new stands and ice cream machine arrive next week) and all our animals are happy and healthy. Above all Wade and I are just a couple months short of celebrating our one year anniversary. Where did the year go?

Thank you to all our friends, community folks, neighbors and family for your support and love. Our dream is coming to life and we know we couldn’t do it without you.

It’s all good.



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