The last three days…

The last three days have been filled with: excitement, worry, joy, stress, family,  love, ice cream and craziness.

It all started Easter morning. We woke up Sunday morning to go milk, looked out in the field and saw a little lamb running around. We went to investigate. Upon closer inspection saw this….

A little spotted lamb. Like a spotted Easter egg; the perfect Easter lamb! Here he is with his mama…

Do you recognize that mama ewe? That’s Dottie! She was our lamb from last year. This is Dottie as a little lamb last February…

It’s really magical to see our lamb from last year give birth this year. And spotted lambs are just too dang cute.

Back to the story: we settled the new guy in the barn, fed, and milked. At this point we were running a mere two hours late to Easter breakfast.

Even with delays, Easter was amazing, always nice to see family and spend time visiting. Little did I know how much I should have been savoring those relaxing moments…

As we were leaving Easter dinner I received a call from our neighbors informing us that two ewe lambs (twins) had just been born. We hadn’t had lambs in weeks and now three in a day?! We rushed home to make sure everyone was OK. We milked, vaccinated, docked tails and cleaned pens. Our Easter day ended at about 11 PM.

Then Monday rolled around. I spent the day getting ready for ice cream making, moving lambs, labeling about 300 ice cream containers and getting everything together for our Earth Day Food & Wine event (if you don’t know about the event HERE is the website…food + wine, how can you go wrong?). Check out the shirts I ordered for the dairy…

At 3:30 I went to go make ice cream. Wade brought me dinner and at 9:45 PM we finally finished the last batch. We made over 200 pints of ice cream. After the long day (started with a 5:30 AM milking)…all I wanted was to go home and crawl into bed. But no. I come home to find that Vivian (our little Shih-Tzu who thinks she’s a ranch dog) was missing.

The the rascal herself.

We live in an area with foxes, mountain lions and coyotes. All of which would love to prey on an appetizer-size shih-tzu. I drove around for about an hour. Calling for Vivian. Panic in my voice. After waking up all the neighbors, and still no Vivi, I went home. I was hysterical. Where was my baby?! And yes, I am one of those crazies who calls her dogs her babies. I guess my body had finally had enough (I must have passed out) because next thing you know it was 5 AM. Still no Vivi.

No Vivi but do you know what there was? ANOTHER lamb. A healthy, beautiful ewe lamb. They just keep coming! We did our morning routine and Vivian still wasn’t showing up. Even Wade was worried at this point. Wade went to work and I was on the hunt for Vivian. Not five minutes after he left I hear his truck. Out pops Vivian. She looks at me with a  no worries mom…I was just cruisin‘ look. I was overwhelmed with relief. And overwhelmed with the urge to strangle her. How could she have put me through this?! The little shit. I love her to death. And could kill her for running away. But that little rascal is my baby, and I love her. Even if she causes anxiety filled nights.

Oh, and it’s only Tuesday. Four lambs, a lost and found dog, late night ice cream making, and a couple sleep-deprived nights. You want some good news? We are back in stores today! Making our first delivery of the year this afternoon.

Who knows what the rest of the week has in store (no pun intended….)

Running on 4 hours of sleep,



2 thoughts on “The last three days…

  1. You guys are amazing and so is your ice cream!!! All this hard work is worth it and things will get easier…in the meantime, we love hearing all the great stories along the way.

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