This is the story of how little Lucy came to our farm. It all started back in December…

Wade and I had a total of 41 animals that beautiful Sunday morning. We had fed our 16 chickens, given alfalfa to our 20 ewes, watched our 2 cats play in the tree outside our house, and pet our 3 dogs.

My sister, Jessica, was in town so after our feed routine we decided to meet up with some friends and take her to Hoovers Beef Palace. Only the best for Jessica. Hoovers (as locals call it) it the place to be on any given morning in our small town of Templeton. Hoovers is home to the best biscuits & gravy and linguica & eggs you will find. If you are ever in the town of Templeton, go there. You will not, and I repeat, will not walk away hungry.

We enjoyed breakfast with our friends. After the stick-to-your-ribs meal we all decided to go out back and check out the small animal sale. Behind Hoovers is a livestock auction yard and on the first Sunday of each month they host a small animal sale (chickens, goats, pigs…pigeons – seriously). We just so happened to be there on the first Sunday of the month (it wasn’t planned, I swear). The boys were not impressed by the sale so they left to go split wood on the ranch. As he was walking away, Wade looked over his shoulder, looked me in the eye and said don’t bring home a puppy.Of course I pretended not to hear this. Off the boys went. Naturally, Jessica, our friend Courtney and I made a bee-line for the puppies. We snuggled the puppies. Who doesn’t love puppies? It was a litter of five Border Collie x Kelpie x Queensland crosses. I was holding the only female. And I had fallen in love. Jessica and Courtney told me I had to get her. I was reluctant. Do we need another dog? Another animal? Do we need a number #42? And above all, WWWD? (what will Wade do?). So against my better judgement I asked the rancher how much the puppies were. He said $20.00 – just enough to cover the cost of their shots. In typical Alexis fashion I had no cash. I told the girls I couldn’t get her. Faster than I could finish my sentence Courtney whipped out a crisp $20 dollar bill and handed it to the man. I was coming home with a puppy.

Don’t you know that’s what good friends are for? To convince you to get a puppy, then proceed to buy the puppy for you, all without asking your husband. What good friends I have.

Now we have Lucy. We are training her to herd sheep…that is after she is done snoozing on the couch. And Wade is in love with her.

Here’s to animal #42.


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