Minor Details.

Some people spend Tuesday morning meeting with friends for coffee. Others may spend the morning at the gym or watching the news. I spent last Tuesday morning pulling twin lambs out of the birth canal of one our milking ewes.

You see, Wade (my handsome, sarcastic, Wrangler-wearing husband) and I started a sheep dairy in 2011. We literally had no idea what we were getting into. Here’s how it went down: In December of 2010 I had found a way to marry my love of animals and my passion for food. How? Start a sheep dairy of course! One evening I came home from my desk job and explained to Wade I was going to start milking sheep. He looked at me like I was crazy. He started asking absurd questions like, how? where do you get dairy sheep? or better yet, are there dairy sheep? where? have you ever milked anything in your life!? I replied to all of the above questions with two simple words: MINOR DETAILS. My mind was made up and a month later he and I took an eighteen-hour drive to pick up our first three ewes that had been shipped from the East Coast. Our ewes lambed in March and we started milking in April. Here we are a little over a year later as the 7th licensed sheep dairy in California, with a flock of over 25 and product on the shelves.

Every day we learn something new. Had we ever milked a sheep before? Nope. Worked on a dairy? Check no. Pulled out animals that were stuck in the birth canal? Uh, no. Every day is a new adventure. Follow us as we experience life on our sheep dairy and work out the minor details.

And by the way we have sheep. Not goats. Minor detail.


6 thoughts on “Minor Details.

  1. Hi there!! you guys look like you are doing an awesome job!!! congratulations!!.:+).
    i have the goat dairy in Templeton…we are in the middle of kidding season now…I get it!!
    i would love to meet you some day…sounds like we are “birds of a feather”…
    Stephanie. :+)

  2. Alexis, I love sheep cheese, and think a savory sheep cheesecake would probably make me crazy! We hope to see you and your milkers soon. Good luck and keep pulling em out! Jock

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